Registration Process

  1. Create Customer Account
    • Enter email address (email is then your user name)
    • Choose password / re-enter password
    • Enter contact details
    • Enter telephone number
    • Agree to the Data Privacy Statement and Terms of Use
    • Click “Register”
  2. An email with a confirmation link will automatically be sent to the address provided.
  3. Click on this link to activate your account.
  4. Your account is now active and you can proceed to register your Amann Girrbach products in CS under “Product Registration”*.
    Your customer account will be checked by staff and, after verification, you will be allowed access to the whole system. You will receive a separate confirmation email for this.

*Product registration is recommended, especially for CAD/CAM milling units. Registration is quick and easy – just enter the corresponding serial number in the category “Product Registration”, then choose the dealership where the appliance was purchased.